From the recording Working My Way Back Home

Written for Craig and Gina from the road with the Comets in the '80s--excuse the MCI reference and a pay phone!


Any time I think of you, I think of good times, yea
New York nights, we had the lights down low.
There's not much else to do when you're a travelin' man
but put your head down, think about the end of the road.
The faces, they all look the same and the towns drag by,
They say "One more mile," but miles mean nothing to me.
Chorus: I keep working my way back home to you
Counting down the miles and the nights I'm spending lonely.
Been gone so long, I miss your arms around me
I keep working my way, my way back home.
Verse 2: There's a lot of pretty faces out here but who's got the time?
It's all set up, take down, baby can you wait for me?
Anyways, the one I got, she just suits me fine
So I'm counting the white lines to NYC.
Last week it was frostbite, this week it's a tan,
I've got MCI and long love letters to somehow get me thru.
BRIDGE: It's the music that holds me, when I can't be holding you.
In the arms of a melody, the memory will pull me thru.
Verse 3: We're pulling into a truck stop, we've been driving all night.
KC to Delray Beach, 12 hours to go.
The eggs are greasy but the coffee's just right
and what state we're in now, I don't even know.
So I'm calling you from a payphone, 6:15 AM, 
Let me tell you how much I miss you one more time