From the recording Another Close Call

Watching friends in my  twenties go down the aisle and glad that I waited until I was past lonely.


An old girlfriend of mine got married today
I cried when her Daddy gave her away
I cried when the couple walked down the aisle
But after they passed, I just had to smile.
  Oo-we, another close call
   The harder girls make it, the quicker men fall.
   I'm just glad it's not me
   I'd rather be lonely than wish I were free.
He's dressed in black, she's dressed in white
The difference will be like day and night
Cause she soon will change and he'll stay the same
He'll run the bases while she runs the game.
Her father is smiling, her mother's in tears
They've been waiting for this for a whole lot of years
Cause their job is over, and his has begun
If he knew what they did, he'd pack up and run.