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Lou Abbott: Press

To you guys . all together.

The music you played last night was perfect! I can't remember a tighter
performance. Johnny, your vocals were spot on and the sax melodies were on
the money. Lou, you can really sing Sinatra and Bobby Darrin scary-like.
Matt . I don't know what it was, but I think that guitar makes you play all
the notes and everyone of them was just right, hell the chording was
outstanding. You coulda been teaching somebody and they'd learn a few
things. And Dale, your playing, showmanship and raspy Satchmo blew everyone
away . as always, but last night was very special. I've heard you guys 100
times and it was ONE terrific night you created in that club. I wish
everybody in the whole fucking place could have heard how great it was.
Thank you so much for rockin' me. Now, will you all take a holiday and join
Joe and me on the Beatles Tribute Cruise the last week of March 2010?

See you soon my Brothas

Don E Gee
Don E Gee - e-mail (Nov 16, 2009)

Great to hear from you man!!! Very cool site AND the tunes on the new
are killin'!!!
Jim McFalls-Towson University
Jumpstreet 88s

members: “Piano Bob” Wilder (piano), Stan Street (vocals, saxophone, harmonica, washboard), Lou Abbott (drums)

comments: Both Wilder and Street have been active in other combos these days (see Piano Bob and the 88s, Stan Street and the Streetwalkers and The Ravens listings below), but they continue to play their rollicking mix of Mardi Gras mambo, infectious New Orleans R&B and vintage jump-blues as Jumpstreet 88s. A typical set might include songs by Professor Longhair, Fats Domino and Lee Dorsey, as well as jukebox blues by Slim Harpo and Jimmy Reed. Wilder is a longtime student of the distinctive New Orleans piano style, as well as barrelhouse and stride, and his strong left hand provides the heartbeat of the band. Street’s vocals are perfectly suited to this music, as are his saxophone and harmonica, and Abbott lays down the second-line beat with the touch of Latin that’s so integral to this music. Find Jumpstreet 88s at venues such as Café Tu Tu Tango in Coconut Grove, The Parrot in Fort Lauderdale, O’Casey’s in Miami and at Art and Jazz on the Avenue in Delray Beach. For more information, see
Bob Weinberg-City Link - City Link
Hi this is Joel Sirner from last semester's History of Rock class. I just wanted to tell you that on Xmas eve I went to dinner at the Japanese Village Steakhouse on Las Olas Blvd in Ft lauderdale and while sitting at my table in the restaurant I heard music playing that sounded very familier in the distance and I asked the waiter what CD they were playing and he went to check. He came back and showed me a copy of your new CD that I bought from you in class with Piano Bob. They played the whole CD in the crowded restaurant. They said that you play at the Samba Room next door to them. Soon i will hear you on my car radio I guess?? Have a nice new year, Joel
Joel Sirner
Hey dude...looks like the South is treating you well. Great looking website, better looking bride, hot new album! Lets get you guys a swing gig up here sometime! Kenny
Ken Ulansey-Philly sax star (Jan 22, 2007)
Lawrence Ough commented on your status:

"Lou, your voice has really matured over the years. This new tune starts out with a Clapton/Knopfler feel, then a hint of Joel, wrapping up with a C&W/Diamond cross-over. Good job!"
Larry Ough-schoolmate and singer in my first band Hog Wild - Facebook (Jul 22, 2009)