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Lou Abbott: News

Bonefish and Lou at Mizner - June 8, 2019

Lourdes Valentin tonight 11/14 - December 14, 2018

Coconut Creek Casino, Legends Lounge with Lourdes and her fine band. Almost certainly will see Pete there as well. Here is a clip from our gig with the Miami Big Sound Orchestra at the Olympia.

check out our demo! - October 3, 2015

Johnny Amoroso concert - November 17, 2009

The opening concert for the Swing and Jazz Preservation Society at the Spanish River Performing Arts Center, 2400 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Florida. With Dale Powers, Tom Roberts, Jesse Jones and more.

My songs on Facebook - July 22, 2009

I recently added the menu titled "My Band" that allows music to be streamed. Very easy to use and I have three original songs up so far:
"Blind Side" with Jonathan Krysberg and Javi Carrion; "Working My Way Back Home" with Tom Smith and Tony Blandin (for Craig); and "I Just Can't Love You Anymore" which I just completed at home.

BluesWax review of Big Beat Blues - June 25, 2009

Worth Pursuing, (11/21/07)
"Piano Bob" Wilder received the B.B. King Lucille Award from The Blues Foundation for winning the 1992 International Blues Challenge (then called the National Amateur Blues Talent Competition). Recognized for his skill of playing a wide catalogue of recognized Blues classics, "Piano Bob" Wilder's album Piano Bob's 88s - Big Beat Blues is a fine collection of twelve Blues or Blues-related standards. In much the way that Rod Stewart or Tony Bennett mined American song standards, Wilder's latest is a fine collection that is well played. Singer Lou Abbott's vocals are well suited for the songs selected. However, unlike Stewart, this album will probably not sell millions of copies or justify three volumes. This is a souvenir piece designed to sell off the stage.
Even the most nubile of Blues fans will recognize the majority of tunes on this tapestry, including "Shake Rattle and Roll," "Blue Monday," Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell," and Huey Piano Smith's "Sea Cruise." Apparently a fan of the New Orleans keyboard sound, Wilder includes a tasty Roland Byrd track, "In the Night." Byrd, of course, the birth name for the famed Professor Longhair.
All in all this is a very nice album that would be an excellent gift for someone wanting to connect with a wider range of mid-era Blues-based piano players. The songs are very well done, although being an album of covers songs certainly limits the creativity or long-term importance of Wilder's release. That said, thank goodness guys like Wilder practice and share their love of classic songs as it is a terrific place for budding as well as established fans to go in pursuit of new musical trails. Wilder's passion is contagious and his skills are keeping the Blues alive for the next generation to enjoy. Godspeed Bob Wilder and thank you.
Rick Galusha is a contributing editor at BluesWax

Our CD around the world! - June 3, 2009

Here is a listing of the places that our CD has traveled via CD Baby:
Askoy, Norway
Ramdala, Sweden
Tampere, Finland
Kajaana, Finland
Genval, Belgium
Wailula, Hawaii
Harjumaa, Estonia
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Norfolk, UK
Essex, UK
Hong Kong
Barcelona, Spain
and in the US:
Wilmington, DE (My sister Eva)
West Chester, PA (my oldest friends Del and Denise)
Silver Spring, MD
Hopewell, VA
McDonalnd, Ohio
Schnecksville, PA
Haverhill, MA (My friend Michelle)
Norcross, GA
Irvine, CA
Windsdor, NC

Pow Wow Miami 2009 - May 17, 2009

Jumpin' Jive with Dale Powers, Tom Roberts, Jesse Jones, jr, and Richie Malfatono. Followed by the great Nicole Henry with Danny Berger on drums.
The U.S. Travel Association's 41st annual
International Pow Wow, a premier international travel
industry conference that brings together nearly 3,000
travel industry professionals from every region of the
USA and more than 70 countries to conduct business
negotiations that result in the generation of over
$4 billion in future travel to the United States.

Back from Chicago - May 15, 2009

A great vacation with Pa featuring four nights at the Hard Rock in Chicago. Thanks to Aleo Proveda for showing us the North and South sides including Muddy Waters' house and Obama's digs! Can't get enough deep dish!

New Year's Eve at the Hard Rock - November 23, 2008

Dale and I will be at the Hard Rock with special guests Billy Ross on sax and - wait for it - Paul Langosh, the bassist with Tony Bennett! Get a spot in the lounge with us and save on the big price. If you want to do the whole thing, it's pricey (250 per) but the spread is supposed to be unbelievable. A Five-Course meal and what a band! Our hours: 8-1 AM and another band will precede us.

New hours! - June 2, 2008

We are now doing weekends from 8PM to 1AM. The crowd is more geared towards dinner early and dancing late. Stop by when you like!

Back from Paris - May 26, 2008

Paola and I are back after 6 days in Paris. Great trip and some pix are on my gallery.
Musically, the city is a desert--no blues or jazz clubs to speak of and little music in public spaces. They need a shot of R&B!

We are on iTunes! - March 11, 2007

Check out our music on iTunes and 26 other digital outlets. We sold our first complete CD and some individual songs as well. Just put in "Piano Bob's 88s".

Howard Levy at the Hard Rock - January 14, 2007

Wednesday the 10th of January was one for the history books! We were joined by harmonica great Howard Levy at the Hard Rock and every harp player in town came out to see him. This guy is just a great musician all around (plays piano as well) and what an inspiration. I put this up there with my time with Diz and Wynton. Thanks Howard for the good comments and the music!

Big Beat Blues - December 18, 2006

Piano Bob and I have released a CD that features blues, New Orleans grooves and great Swing Dancing numbers. It's called "Big Beat Blues" and features Matt Bonelli, Dave Wilkinson, Al Ferreira, Leo Casino, and Bob Loiacano.

Look for this CD on CDBaby and online at iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster. Local sales: call me or Bob (305.373.1334) or at Blue Note Records.

Lou at the Hard Rock! - December 18, 2006

I am now playing steady with Dale Powers and friends at the Hard Rock Casino in the Council Oak Lounge. This band is great and can really get the room moving as Dale and Johnny hit the floor. Regularly features Jesse Jones, John Amoroso, Tom Roberts, Ricky Williams, John Micalack, Brian Murphy, Pete Wallace and more!

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