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Lou Abbott: Music

Hope at Christmas

(Lou Abbott)
October 26, 2017
Lou Abbott

It’s nice to know when you get older

Christmas means so much more.

Friends and family are all together

We think of the hopeless and the poor.

Cease fire, enemies, put their hate away.

It’s nice to know there’s hope at Christmas

If only for a day


Children dream of santa’s coming

Down the chimney on Christmas eve.

Wrapped like presents up in themselves

And how much they’ll receive.

A child’s Christmas is only glitter,

Tinsel on the tree.

It’s nice to know there’s more to Christmas than

“What did you give me?”

                When you learn to give, you’ve learned to live

                And every day is Christmas.

                And we only take for the giver’s sake.

                Don’t we have all we need?

Thanks for family and for the children.

Keep them safe and free.

Give us patience and health and wisdom

And teach us charity.

Thank you, God for all we have

And all the good you’ve done.

It’s nice to take this chance at Christmas

To thank you for Your Son.