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Lou Abbott: Links to Colleges and materials

Barry ACE
The main page for Barry's Adult Ed program. Here you can access the courses available at each site as well as directions and phone numbers.
Broward College
Here you can check schedules, upcoming events and courses available for all Broward College campuses.
Americana music
Great source of info on all types of American music.
Hillbilly, Old Time music
A source of classic country, bluegrass and other "Old Time" musical styles. Not a dead art after reading this!
Free guitar lessons
Designed for beginners, these are a great way to learn guitar at your own speed.
Music map
This is designed to tell you what other artists would be similar to the music that you like. Enter a name and watch the screen assemble a map for you.
A Major site for Caribbean music; lays out genres, styles and substyles. Great research tool!
National Geographic world music
Great way to find out info about world music events and styles.