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Lou Abbott: Home

Welcome to Lou Abbott's website!Check out my calendar for upcoming events.

We had a great gig at Mizner Place warming up for the Elton John tribute. Fantastic sound and audience, including Paola, Luna and Bonefish's sister Kathleen from Hawaii. Here are some clips via Facebook:

Just copy this and put it in your browser.

Here is the YouTube link to the video for Piano Bob's 88s that we did at DC Studios in West Palm Beach:

Check out my collaboration on "Big Beat Blues" with Piano Bob's 88s.  You can listen to and purchase it at: CD baby or just click on "CD Baby" in the Links section of this webpage.

Here is a link to my Soundcloud page:

Spring and Summer are here, so get ready for the club gigs! Looking forward to the Blaine Music Festival in July with all the faculty. Going on 13 years!

Thought I might pass on this fine moment in my recording career. Fred Small, singer-songwriter under the production magic of Mike Aharon. On Flying Fish Records (now out of print). Here is "Diamonds of Anger":

Fred's inspiring bio:

Finished a tour with Doug Cameron and his family:

Mom will be 90 this year and Luna just finished first grade.

Just finished a video with Kate and Bart Delaney for some upcoming work. Great band!